Code of Conduct

  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed by parents or athletes at all track meets or any function.
  • Any athlete or coach caught using, or in the possession of, any legal or controlled substance will be immediately suspended and subject to club disciplinary procedure.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated at anytime by parent, coaches or athletes.
  • All pants shall be worn around the waist and not below the hip (NO SAGGING ALLOWED).

Club Policies – Fundraisers

  • In order to sale to a track club, a portion of the proceeds should go to the Bay Cities Unleashed Youth Track and Field Club.
  • Funds raised from fundraisers or donations shall be used for athletes to go to the Junior Olympics meets, the annual banquet and up-keep of Bay Cities Unleashed Youth Track and Field Club.
  • Only athletes whose parents or guardians work or participate in over 75% of all club fundraisers are entitled to benefit from any proceeds raised.
  • In the eventuality you do not participate in any of the club fundraisers, there is a required $75.00 opt fee.

Meet Procedures

  • The Head Coach or the Coach for a particular division will determine what events the athletes participation in at all association sanctioned meets.

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