Hands down Bay Cities Unleashed has the best parents

We ran on schedule and many Parents, Family and Coaches had very pleasant comments. In addition our athletes performed awesome!!! WHOO HOO
Pre-Day Prep – HUGE THANK YOU – Ryder Carlson, Sherrod Conyers, Coach Hill, Coach Mitchell, VP Nicole, Coach Paul, Lori Scott, Edward Scott and Vincent Edwards – The Friday evening sacrifice, through traffic to set up staging and take things off the truck to put them back on the truck – Whew your patience and contribution did not go unnoticed.

Registration – Successful – Parents thank you for your patience; folks mentioned that the registration was organized and the experience was very pleasant…. Hint no attitudes. We set the tone because you were the first experience of the day.

Snack Bar – Folks mentioned that BCU has one of the best snack bars and that they look forward to the menu. – KUDOS to the snack bar team! The snack bar was a hit.

Field Events – Team you moved the athletes in and out; our Cal State volunteers praised how great it was to work with BCU parents – what a great success – we got bragging rights!

Staging – You all need a vacation with a margarita J. You moved the kids in and out, well organized and I heard no complaints. Your patience and contribution made the event a success. Thanks for the awesome communication.

Water/ First aid station – Thank you, thank you – the store run was appreciated; You kept our athletes hydrated and shared lots of laughs. Lauren lol even when the case of waters broke open when you picked them up, you displayed nothing but positivity.

Track Events – You all deserve a foot massage. You toughed it out through the rain and all. Parents, Coaches and participants truly appreciated your contribution and efforts. You were the lime light of the event thanks for being organized and positive. I had members from teams come to the booth to voice how well the meet went.

Gate Security – You held it down; Thank you for standing the post for the entire event.

Restroom – Paula Terrell – Kudos to assisting with the up keep of our event

The Clean up Crew – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…… The worst part of the day, when we’re all tired, feet hurt, hungry, body aching, have work in the am, irritated just because… However, you all still stayed to the end. Soak and wet — You all deserve a MILLION DOLLARS, but you can’t put a price to a genuineness, dedication, loyalty and humble person.

If I missed anybody apologies but you all must be acknowledged.

Coaches Lawrence and Erika Hill

Coach Cannon

Coach Hawkins

Ms. Belle

Nicole Collier

Vincent Edward

Coach Don and Wife Brittny Martin

Our NEW PARENT Ryder Carleton – You and that Mat lol – I admire your patience

Mario and Jennifer Evangelista

Thomas Usher

Coach Paul

Coach Miles

Maci and Michael Laster

Sherrod and Stacy Conyers

NEW Parent Gillam family – Your athlete didn’t even Participate and you came supported and contributed

Danny Faccini


If I missed anyone please let me know, the rain was coming down hard lol; I was too over it…

Shout outs

Sherrod Conyers – made the greens

Nicole Collier – made the spaghetti and corn bread

Unknown – but I heard somebody made peach cobbler

Kristy – cooking up the food

Ms. Belle – Store runs – get paper, envelopes

Coach Hill – donating the green wrist bands

The Laster – Coming through with the shaded tent

Coach Miles – bought breakfast

Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. I look forward to another successful event with you all it was a pleasure! I love you all!

Note: The goal is to have a positive experience and successful meet each year. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please, please, please let me know.
Thank you,
Darlene Gray, Secretary

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